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🎄✨ Rev Up Your Holidays with Our Car Upgrade Bundles! 🚗🎁

Bundle up your sleigh on wheels with our Christmas Specials – because your car deserves the gift of glamour! 🌟🎅 

Tyre and Shine, Rain-X Delight - £6.25

Let your wheels dance through the snow with our Tyre and Shine treatment, ensuring they sparkle like holiday lights. Rain-X takes it up a notch by creating a protective hydrophobic barrier on your windshield, banishing rain, sleet, and snow in a twinkling. It's like a winter magic show for your car!

Autoglym Resin Polish, Turtlewax Ceramic Coating - £20

Give your car the royal treatment with our Autoglym Resin Polish, bringing out its natural shine. Then, let our Turtlewax Ceramic Coating be the star on top, offering a protective layer against the winter chill. Your car will be a true gift to the streets!

Turtlewax Ceramic Coating, Tyre and Shine, Rain-X, Internal Vacuum - £30

Deck the halls with this ultimate bundle! From ceramic-coated glamour to rain-repelling magic, this package includes a full interior vacuum for a sleigh ride of cleanliness. Accessorize your ride in style, because this bundle is the holiday magic your car deserves!

Internal Vacuum, Vax Fabric Upholstery - £40

Give your car's interior a holiday makeover with our deep-cleaning bundle! From a thorough vacuum to Vax fabric upholstery treatment, this bundle will leave your car's interior as cozy and clean as a winter cabin. Requires access to Santa's Workshop... or just your driveway!

🎅 'Tis the season to shine bright on the road! Book your preferred bundle now and let your car sleigh through the holidays in style! 🎄✨

What we offer

With our affordable membership plans priced at just £14.99, you can keep your car looking pristine without the inconvenience to your schedule. As a member, you can choose from having a car wash every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.

Enjoy the convenience of our membership-based car washing service at Scrub Club based in Brighton and Hove.

Tyre Dressing - £2.79

We thoroughly clean your car's tires and wheels, removing brake dust, dirt, and grime. This service also helps to prolong the life of your tires.

Internal Vacuuming - £9.99

We provide a meticulous interior vacuuming service to remove dust, debris, and loose particles from carpets, seats, and floor mats.

Turtlewax Hybrid Ceramic - £14.30

This ceramic car coating seals your car finish with water-beading hydrophobicity, incredible shine and the lasting protection of a hybrid ceramic wax with simple, spray-and-wipe application

Deep Autoglym Resin Polish - £11.99

This polish helps mask minor imperfections in the paintwork.It additional helps shield your car from environmental contaminants and UV rays.

Rain - X - £4.99

Aquaphobic bi-layer for your cars glass - Autumn Special

Clay Bar Car Detailing - £9.99

Clay Bar Car Detailing Treatment - Clay bar treatment is used to remove stubborn black spots that a jet washer can't remove. The clay pulls out all the dirt from the pores of your paintwork leaving a super shiny finish.

Brighton & Hove Car Wash

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